• How to Deal With Desire Discrepancy
    Question: Sometimes I am in the mood and my husband is not.  More often than not, I initiate.  It makes me feel rejected and not wanted, especially when we hear so Read more
  • How to Beat Self-Consciousness
    Question: I'm too self-conscious about my body that it gets in the way of me enjoying sex.  I'm uncomfortable naked, want to cover up, don't want him to see me, Read more
  • How to Date Smart
    Question: I'm just starting to date and want to get married.  I have heard so many stories about women getting hurt (emotionally) by the dating process.  How do I enter this Read more
  • How to Go From Mommy to Wife
    Question: I love my husband very much, but find it difficult to transition from "mommy" to "wife" in the evening.  I'm constantly in "mommy-mode," so it's hard to switch into being Read more
  • Husband Looks at Porn
    Question: My husband just admitted to me that he looks at pornography.  I'm very upset and insulted by this and don't even know how to proceed.  I feel like he's practically Read more
  • Husband Same Routine
    Question: Hi, my question is that I feel like my husband always does the same "routine" in bed and it's so boring it actually makes me annoyed instead of excited.he Read more
  • IBS
    Question: I suffer with IBS and feel like it plays a large part to my interest in sex.  I love my husband very much, but when I am going through a Read more
  • Married and No Orgasm
    Q&A: 26, Married, and no orgasm Question from reader: I am 26 years old, married, and love my husband very much.  However, despite many attempts, I cannot reach orgasm either with him Read more
  • Married With Kids
    Q&A: I am 35 years old, married, and have 4 wonderful children.  I love my husband very much and we have a very beautiful relationship.  I love my life and work Read more
  • More Experienced Wife
    Question: When a wife is more experienced than her husband and wants to get a bit more creative in the bedroom, how can she approach this with her husband in Read more
  • Orgasm Difficulties
    Question: I am able to orgasm very easily through masturbation, but not at all with my husband. Sex, and really any romantic touch, is a chore and not something Read more
  • Recipes for Romance
    Recipes for Romance (psychologically, intellectually, emotionally, and physically): Send sweet texts to each other, just because. Women often need a significant amount of psychological preparation before becoming intimate. One way to Read more
  • Scoop on Attraction
    Question: I just started dating this guy and I think he's objectively good looking, but I'm not feeling attracted to him yet.  My friends keep telling me that I'm crazy Read more
  • Sensate Focus
    Sensate Focus: Getting Out of Your Head and Into Your Body During Sex1. Start with Non-Demand Touching Sensate focus can be considered “mindfulness for touch.” A mindfulness practice involves meditation, or Read more
  • Sexual Aversion
    Don't Touch Me: Understanding Your Sexual Aversion Does the thought of sexual contact make you shutter? Do you tend to avoid or limit sexual activity? Do you find sexual touch or even romantic Read more
  • Sexual Desire while Pregnant
    Question: Everyone says you're supposed to lose your sexual desire while pregnant, but I'm 4 months in and the complete opposite. I could go at it every 20 minutes, and my Read more


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