• Guest post from Heather Warchocki
    Relaxation SOS!   We all are hearing about the benefits of meditation and relaxation techniques. These benefits range from improved focus, decreased anxiety, to improved physical health.  However, many people feel overwhelmed Read more
  • Guest Post From Jessica Braider
    4 Ways to Get Cooking Delicious & Healthy Food in the New Year   As the holidays wind down and we start to take stock after weeks and weeks of celebrations and Read more
  • Guest post from Jessica Colon
    6 Ways to Model Healthy Relationships to Your Children: Be openly physically affectionate by holding hands or giving a hug to your partner while walking together with your children. You are Read more
  • Guest post from Julie Bindeman
    Surviving Infertility as a Couple We all know how the script goes: boy meets girl, they fall in love, get married, have children, and they live happily ever after. What happens Read more
  • Guest post from Davidra T. Bazemore-Blue
    Summer Love Seekers Every summer, DC’s most powerful men and women go to Nationals games, outdoor eateries, and roof top bars looking for “THE ONE”. But how do you find your Read more
  • Guest post from Lara Hennessey
    Get More Iron in Your Diet   Iron deficiency anemia is something that affects many people.  It usually shows up as fatigue and pale skin.  Many people know meat contains iron, but Read more
  • Guest post from Lara with Mom
    And Baby Makes...Conflict: Overcoming Common Post-Baby Relationship Pitfalls Going from being a loving, connected couple to parents of a newborn drastically changes the dynamic of relationships. For many couples, this joyous Read more
  • Guest post from Melanie Ricaurte
    Mother Daughter Relationships   Mother daughter relationships can be some of the most supportive, caring, and loving, yet they can also be the most trying of relationships. Below are a few strategies Read more
  • Guest post from Optimal Life Solutions
    5 Simple Tips for Stress Relief When it comes to relaxation techniques even just incorporating small changes into your everyday life can help you to de-stress.  Check out these easy tips Read more
  • Guest post from Rabbi and Rivka Slatkin with the Marriage Restoration Project
    How to spice up your marriage You might think that only couples married for many years would be looking for information about how to spice up their marriages. Really, couples married Read more
  • Guest post from Rachel Freedman
    Are You a Survivor of Sexual Assault Hoping To Become Pregnant?  Five Things To Consider in Becoming a Survivor Mom   Consider the following:   1.  Have you adequately addressed trauma-related issues that might Read more
  • Guest post from Sherry McClurkin
    Tips to Stress Less S = Slow Down!  Not everything is top priority.  Drop some things off the list; it’s ok.  On purpose, slow your movements and speech.  You’ll be amazed Read more
  • Guest post from Talli Rosenbaum
    How does Sexual Pain from Tight Pelvic Muscles Develop?A woman who experiences repeated episodes of painful intercourse may develop a habit (perhaps even unwittingly) of contracting her pelvic floor muscles Read more
  • Guest post from Bari Lyman
    The 3 Most Important Things to Find Love This Year  Adopt a new approach. Want to make 2015 different?  Want it to be your year for love?  Recognize that what you’ve Read more
  • Help Daughter With Body Image
    Question: I have a 10 year old daughter and I want her to have a healthy body image.  How do I help her have positive feelings about her body?Response: What an amazing Read more
  • How Can I Feel Less Stressed and More In Control This Holiday Season?
    November is a time when people start to either get excited about the holidays or start to feel stressed/anxious about the upcoming holidays.  Someone told me recently that they would Read more


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