• Sexual Intimacy when Trying to Conceive
    Sexual intimacy can become a challenge to any couples at some point in their relationship, but couples struggling through the diagnosis and treatment of infertility are even more put to Read more
  • Spring Clean Your Relationship
    Clear the air: Are there any conversations you've been avoiding having?  Has something been on your mind?  Time to speak up! Dust it off: Have you been holding on to past resentments?  Time Read more
  • Too Much Stuff
    Question: I live in a small apartment with three kids.  We have too much stuff (and people) for the amount of space we have, so the bedroom is not only Read more
  • Try these 10 small ways to improve your relationship
    Go on a monthly date night Work on yourself-- emotionally and physically.  Your partner may have agreed to love you no matter what, but he still needs to find you attractive. Read more
  • Unconsummated
    Question: We've been married for two months, and my husband and I still haven't consummated our marriage. We try, it just hasn't worked yet. Should we go to therapy, or just Read more
  • Urinary Incontinence
    Question: After the birth of my third child, I have been noticing more frequent urination, leaking, and less time between urination.  I also noticed some sexual issues as well.  Is Read more
  • Vaginal Dryness
    Question: I have some concerns about vaginal dryness and discomfort and always feel embarrassed to speak to my doctor at my annual exam.  She asks me "any sexual concerns?" as she Read more
  • Vasectomy
    Question: My husband and I are done having children, but we are somewhat anxious about him getting a Vasectomy.  We are wondering what the effect will be on our sex life. Read more
  • What to do when your wife isn't interested in physical intimacy...
    One of the most challenging aspects of any marriage is differences in desire.  It is particularly difficult when the discrepancy is vast.  Not only do you want it a lot, Read more
  • What's Wrong with My Desire?!
    This is the #1 complaint we get from women, both young and old.  Women say: Why am I never in the mood? I could go weeks or months without initiating sex I wish Read more
  • Yeast Infections
    Q: I get recurring yeast infections several times per month!  It's so annoying and disruptive to my sex life.  What can I do about this?   A: Thank you for writing!  I hear Read more


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