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Newlyweds Intimacy

  • Are you recently married or recently engaged?
  • Is sexual intimacy new for you?
  • Would you like things to go from "okay" to "great"?
  • Or have you been married for a while but still don't seem to "get" what all the hype is about?
  • Do you want a few hours with a sex therapist? 
  • Are you part of a religious or faith community which practices no or limited sex before marriage?

    3-session Package specially for people to come in to get their questions answered and work out the confusion!

    What you can get out of 3 sessions:
  • Ask anything you ever wanted to know about your bodies, sexuality, sex, pleasure, etc.
  • Get tailored advice to fit your circumstance and your relationship
  • Learn about sexual response, erogenous zones, orgasm, and how to pleasure one another
  • Develop strategies for dealing with differences in desire
  • Learn how to feel more positive, self-confident, relaxed, and excited in the bedroom
  • Increase your desire and lengthen the duration of intercourse
  • Learn what will really work for you during foreplay and how you will become more aroused.


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