Sexual Desire while Pregnant

Question: Everyone says you're supposed to lose your sexual desire while pregnant, but I'm 4 months in and the complete opposite. I could go at it every 20 minutes, and my husband is pretty worn out. What is wrong with me??? 

Response: Thank you for writing.  What a great question!  If you've ever been to an OB/GYN, they always say "that's normal" to nearly every symptom!  Well, sex drive is no exception.  Some women feel like they will never desire sex again, while others can't get enough.  There are so many reasons why you experienced such a change in your sex drive since becoming pregnant.  

  1. First of all, hormone changes are sudden and dramatic.  These changes can create that "pregnancy glow" and can also create that moodiness. In fact, a woman will create more estrogen in one pregnancy than throughout her entire life while not pregnant (Healthline).  Increased estrogen is associated with higher levels of desire as well as higher levels of arousal.  

  2. Blood volume is another important change. Your blood volume, from 6-8 weeks up through 32-34 weeks, increases enormously.  In fact, the blood mass increases 40-50% and red blood cells mass 20-30%. Blood volume is part of what contributes to that "hot" feeling during arousal, as well as both lubrication and engorgement of the genitals.  Your blood volume and increased circulation toward the center of your body is increasing your body's natural lubrication and makes arousal so much easier.  

  3. Breasts grow and become more sensitive (preparing themselves for becoming sensitive to the newborn baby's search for milk).  That engorgement and sensitivity also make your breasts more sexually sensitive and more easily aroused.  

  4. Some women may also feel psychologically excited and emotionally even more connected to their partners during pregnancy.

Just beware!  After childbirth, your estrogen levels plummet to pre-pregnancy levels.  So take this time to enjoy your husband and then take some time to enjoy your precious newborn baby when he/she arrives.  


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