• 5 Tips on How to Talk to your Pre-Schooler About Touch
    With summer coming, many children will go to new places and meet new people for summer camp.  Many parents ask me how to talk to their pre-schoolers about touching and Read more
  • 8 Tips to improve Your Relationship This Year
    Focus on the Positive: Write down a weekly affirmation about something you are grateful for in your partner.  Focus on what your partner does well.  This "positive psychology" is proven Read more
  • 10 Tips for Staying Happy When the Weather Gets Cold and the Days Get Shorter
    1) Do some physical activity.  It helps with releasing important chemicals to stay happy and to support immune health.2) Sleep during the night rather than during the daytime.  You need Read more
  • 16 Ways to Increase Your Desire in Time for Valentines Day
    Many women struggle with low desire and want to kick it into higher gear at this time of the year.  Here are some ways to improve your desire that are Read more
  • Are You a Busy, Overwhelmed Mother?
     Recently, with the beginning of the school year again, a lot of women have expressed feeling more busy than ever with mom-duties.  The cooking, cleaning, diapering, bathing, packing lunches, carpools, Read more
  • Are You in Mommy Mode
    Question: I love my husband very much, but find it difficult to transition from "mommy" to "wife" in the evening.  I'm constantly in "mommy-mode," so it's hard to switch into being Read more
  • Desire Slump
    Question: I am married with two kids and feel like my desire has just plummeted.  I love my husband and we have a great relationship, but we just don't seem to Read more
  • Difficulty With Orgasm
    Question: I enjoy having sex with my husband, but sometimes don't orgasm.  I don't think it's a big deal and enjoy it anyways.  This really bothers him and he often Read more
  • Fantasy
    Question: When I fantasize, it's always about women...especially when I am pregnant. Is that normal for an otherwise straight woman?Answer: What we know about sexual orientation is that there is Read more
  • FDA Approves Female Libido Pill
    Addi (Flibanserin 100 mg) is the first FDA-approved treatment for Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) in premenopausal women.  What is Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder? HSDD has been widely recognized as the most Read more
  • Four Ways to Get the Most Out of Couples Therapy
      You must be all-in with the process.Whether therapy is your first stop or a last resort before giving up, in order to make it worthwhile, I ask that clients give it their Read more
  • Guest post from Another Look at Healing
    Sleep Better: 10 Tips to Better Sleep 1. Turn off all electronics one hour before bedtime. The blue light from the LCD or laptop screen suppresses your body’s natural sleep chemical, Read more
  • Guest post from Cynthia Turner
    How Do I Know If I Can Keep Drinking? This is a question many may have asked themselves on a blurry, nauseous morning after a night of drinking. Only 6% of Read more
  • Guest post from David Fishman
    3 Health Tips for Men Combating Erectile Issues   Tip 1) Quit Smoking Smoking has been proven to increase blood pressure and constrict blood vessels including the ones in the penis.  A reduction Read more
  • Guest post from Elena Ollis
    5 Tips to Manage Your Anxiety this Holiday Season When we feel anxious it is often said that it is like a hundred thoughts running through our head at once. Here Read more
  • Guest post from Erica Pelman at In Shifra
    How to Support a Pregnant Woman in Crisis Many woman experience a crisis when they become pregnant and are unprepared socially, emotionally and economically for a child (or another child). Crisis Read more


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