Guest post from Davidra T. Bazemore-Blue

Summer Love Seekers

Every summer, DC’s most powerful men and women go to Nationals games, outdoor eateries, and roof top bars looking for “THE ONE”. But how do you find your forever love amongst the fling seekers?

  1. Don't expect monogamy right away-- you just met! Some are obsessed with the idea of dating one person at a time. They fantasize about the future possibilities of this person until their neurotic expectations send their intended running for the hills. Dating should be fun, diverse, exciting, and it should keep you busy. Dating should be like finding the right pair of shoes: some will look nice but hurt; some will be ugly, but comfortable; and eventually, one will be just right!

  2. Quit going along to get along! Let’s face it; your new love interest is practically a stranger. Who cares if this one person thinks you’re weird. Be HONEST about what you want. It is critical to the long term health of a relationship that you lead with your true self and not your faux representative. Besides, how’s pretending been working for you so far?

  3. Work on improving yourself … You’re not perfect, nobody is! The worst part about this fact is that your friends probably won’t be the ones to tell you. If your picker is off and you want to make responsible choices in your relationships, explore your concerns with a therapist. There’s no shame in talking to a professional to "fix" your stinking thinking before you meet “the one.”

Davidra Bazemore-Blue, LGSW is the go-to concierge therapist in the DC area! She specializes in getting you out of the box, out of the therapy office, and into the real world where problems are actually happening. In-home, walk-and-talk therapy, and travel retreats are just a few of the services her practice offers. Her approach to helping is definitely not the norm; but who wants to be average! Contact: [email protected]


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