Guest Post From Jessica Braider

4 Ways to Get Cooking Delicious & Healthy Food in the New Year


As the holidays wind down and we start to take stock after weeks and weeks of celebrations and treats, many of us seek to start fresh by setting resolutions or intentions. If healthy eating is your goal, then one great way to do that is more home cooking. For many people cooking can feel like a daunting or overwhelming task. So here are four things you can do to take baby steps back into the kitchen.


  1. Just add veggies. Try adding vegetables to your go-to meals. Add frozen peas or spinach to boxed mac ‘n cheese, mix some extra vegetables into your jarred pasta sauce, top that frozen pizza with peppers and mushrooms. Adding vegetables will help to boost the nutritional content and will let you experiment a bit more in the kitchen in a low-pressure way.

  2. Try one new, easy meal a week. Pick an ingredient you want to work with, google that ingredient with the phrase “easy recipes,” find one that sounds good, and make it. Do this once a week and you will soon find yourself with a whole bunch of easy go-to recipes.

  3. Cook in bulk. When you cook, make a double batch and freeze some for another time. Doing this will help you to stock your freezer with delicious, healthier pre-portioned meals.

  4. Take the 10-Day Cooking Challenge. A supportive, fun way to make your kitchen more usable, food shopping less stressful, and cooking more enjoyable! Learn more at


Jessica Braider, MSW is a Health & Cooking Coach who specializes in working with individuals and families who would like to be bring balance back into their lives. Services include coaching, meal preparation with a twist, and workshops. For more information please visit or email Jessica at [email protected].


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