Guest post from Melanie Ricaurte

Mother Daughter Relationships


Mother daughter relationships can be some of the most supportive, caring, and loving, yet they can also be the most trying of relationships. Below are a few strategies you can employ to strengthen your mother/daughter relationship.

  1. Make the first move: oftentimes pride and past hurts get in the way of starting a needed conversation; however, waiting for the other person will not allow the relationship to move forward and instead the pain and hurt will remain.

  2. Actively Listen:  “actively listening,” which means to listen attentively to what the other person is saying, and taking the time to process what they are expressing before reacting.

  3. Empathize:  focus on what feelings your mother or daughter may be trying to convey through the words they use. Focusing on those feelings can help you better empathize with and understand their perspective.

  4. Consider focusing on ways you can change. Many people often focus on what they would like to change in the other person, but let’s face it, the only person we have control over is ourselves. Oftentimes when we change our own behaviors other people also begin to act differently.

These strategies are not only effective at strengthening you mother/daughter bond; these strategies can also help you improve your interactions with other people you love.

Dr. Melanie Ricaurte is a licensed Psychologist and AASECT certified Sex Therapist. To learn more about improving your relationship with your mother or your daughter, or with other important people in your life, contact Dr. Ricaurte at [email protected]


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