Guest post from Heather Warchocki

Relaxation SOS!


We all are hearing about the benefits of meditation and relaxation techniques. These benefits range from improved focus, decreased anxiety, to improved physical health.  However, many people feel overwhelmed with the idea of sitting down and meditating for 20 minutes per day or need some quick help in the face of an immediate stressor. Here’s where Relaxation SOS can help.  Whether its taking baby steps to start a larger mediation practice or simply needing a time-out, try these suggestions for 3-5 minutes for immediate relief.


  1. Set your phone timer and focus on your breath. Just notice the rise and fall of your chest with each inhale and exhale.  If you like, count one on the inhale, two on the exhale, and so forth until you get to ten.  Once you get to ten start back at one and repeat cycles of ten until the timer goes off. 

  2. Use your senses to ground you. Say silently (or out loud if you have the privacy) five things you see, hear, and feel.  For example:  I see a black lamp, I see a wood desk, etc.  See how you feel after taking a moment to get out of your head and notice the surroundings around you.

  3. Do a simple task mindfully.  Take time to wash your hands or a dish.  Really notice the experience from the warm water to the feel of the soap lathering into bubbles.  Any task can be transformed into a meditation by simply paying attention to what’s going on right now instead of rushing to the next thing!

Dr. Heather Warchocki specializes in adults with depression, anxiety, eating disorders and interpersonal concerns.  She incorporates mind-body wellness in her treatment techniques and successfully completed a 200-hour yoga certification training.  Her practice is located in Dupont Circle and more info can be found at


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