Guest post from Bari Lyman

The 3 Most Important Things to Find Love This Year 

  1. Adopt a new approach. Want to make 2015 different?  Want it to be your year for love?  Recognize that what you’ve been doing hasn’t been getting you the results you want. Singles are often out there “doing, doing, doing, doing.”  Try a new approach that will help you build the right inner foundation for love. You need a dating and relationship reboot that can only come when you bust through your negative patterns and become truly open, happy, and excited.

  2. Make space People who find extraordinary love have one thing in common—they are 100% available and -- they have emotional space to welcome love into their lives.  You must be 100% available, without any clutter or baggage from the past.  Make space by clearing the noise of all regrets, “what ifs” and “if only’s.” Close the door and get truly complete from all past relationships. Move forward with a totally blank slate.  You’ve lived, loved and learned.

  3. Ditch the list and understand your emotional needs. Many singles have a list of the qualities they are looking for in their ideal match, discover these aren’t the things that make them truly happy. Zoom in and learn about your own unique emotional needs and how you want to feel in a relationship.  Knowing them is the first step in attracting your ideal partner for a lifetime of partnership and joy. 

Want to learn more?  Bari Lyman is the creator of the Meet to Marry method™, which has helped hundreds of single men and women blast through whatever has been getting in their way of finding their perfect match. She's also the author of Meet to Marry: A Dating Revelation for the Marriage Minded, which earned Stephen Covey’s praise for being “smart, principled and engaging.” You can transform your love life right now by heading over to her website ( and getting your free copy of the 7 Mistakes When Dating to Marry (and how to avoid them).


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