Guest post from David Fishman

3 Health Tips for Men Combating Erectile Issues


Tip 1) Quit Smoking

Smoking has been proven to increase blood pressure and constrict blood vessels including the ones in the penis.  A reduction of blood flow to the penis will prevent a man from getting an erection and may even reduce sensitivity in his penis.


Tip 2) Exercise and Eat Healthier

          Being overweight and eating an unhealthy diet can hinder erectile function in many ways. For starters, diseases often associated with obesity like diabetes, stroke, heart diseases can even cause erectile problems. Being overweight can cause problems on its own by causing testosterone levels to drop and restrict blood flow to the penis. Eating a well-balanced diet featuring at least seven servings of vegetables and fruits a day while maintain a healthy weight can increase blood flow and testosterone levels leading to more erections.


Tip 3) Relax and focus on your partner during sex

          Men with ED can feel anxiety and even panic-like symptoms that can lead to erection issues. In fact, often this is the root cause of ED for men under the age of 40. Anxiety can hinder or even prevent a man from maintaining or gaining an erection by creating muscle tension that constricts the blood flow to the penis, not allowing for enough blood to fill the penis making him erect. To make matters worse, anxiety can reduce sensitivity of the penis causing many men to feel little to no sexual sensations in the penis. 

David Fishman, LCPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in sexuality and sexual issues. He is located in Downtown Silver Spring, MD.


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