10 Tips for Staying Happy When the Weather Gets Cold and the Days Get Shorter

1) Do some physical activity.  It helps with releasing important chemicals to stay happy and to support immune health.

2) Sleep during the night rather than during the daytime.  You need to get as much sunlight as possible, so make sure to be awake for precious winter sunlight hours.

3) Do activities that release oxytocin(happy and bonding hormone) such as hugging, cuddling, exercising, breast-feeding, laughing and being intimate.

4) Laugh.  Watch a comedy such as a TV show, movie, or comedy show.  

5) Get lots of sunlight.  Buy a sun lamp if you are particularly susceptible to seasonal depression.  

6) Pursue the hobbies that you enjoy.  Attend your pilates class or your book club.

7) Avoid watching long periods of TV since it makes your body lethargic.

8) Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.  Avoid lots of carbs such as pasta and bread.  A recent study said that people who eat a lot of pasta were more depressed.

9) Volunteer in your community.  Doing things to help others makes you think less about your own problems.

10) Consider going to a therapist or a psychiatrist for some help if you need.


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