What's Wrong with My Desire?!

This is the #1 complaint we get from women, both young and old.  Women say:

  • Why am I never in the mood?

  • I could go weeks or months without initiating sex

  • I wish I felt like my husband and desired sex

  • It just takes so much time and work to get into it

BUT!  when you do get into it, do you enjoy yourself?  

Does this sound like you?  You're not alone!  

Your best friend invites you to a party a week ahead of time.  You say, sure!  That sounds like fun.  I like my friend, I like hanging out with her, and a party sounds like fun.  But Saturday night rolls around and you're already in your house clothes.  You have sweatpants on and thick, comfy socks.  You don't have make up on and your hair is in a pony tail.  Ugh.  "I really don't feel like putting in so much effort to going out."  You have to put make up on, get into something nice, do your hair, put on uncomfortable shoes, and leave the house in the cold weather.  

Once you get there, it's a bit awkward at first while you see who's there and begin to talk to a few people.  After a while, you see friends you know, talk to them, and relax.  You know these people!  You're friends with these people!  Everyone's just here to have fun.  Now you enjoy yourself and are glad you came. 

Use this approach with your love life.  It's 100% normal and fine if you don't have any desire to get ready for the party.  It's 100% normal and fine if you have to put in a lot of work and time and the beginning isn't amazing.  Go to the party because you like who's there.  And while you're there, try to relax and enjoy yourself.  


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